Shorea Wood Commercial Outdoor Furniture Care

Shorea Outdoor Furniture Description

Shorea is a tropical hardwood that is comparable to teak. Because of its high oil content it is resistant to rotting, bug infestation, and the effects of wind, rain, sun, and snow. If left untreated, shorea weathers naturally to a beautiful silver gray color. Some surface roughness may develop, especially at the end grain, but over a period of about one year, the natural weathering process will stabilize. Moderate checking in the grain is normal with exposure to the elements. Small surface cracks that may appear in no way affect the structural integrity of the furniture. As weather conditions and temperatures fluctuate these small cracks may expand and contract.

Shorea Product Care

After assembly, furniture should be rinsed well with water to remove dust left over from manufacturing. This should be done before placing on concrete, or tile to prevent staining. Since Shorea has such high oil content and is so dense, it weathers well outside without maintenance. Shorea will weather naturally to silver gray. A seasonal cleaning may be desired. Rinse the furniture and using a sponge or soft bristle brush, scrub the furniture with a mild cleanser. Lastly, rinse the furniture with more fresh water. If the original warm brown color is preferred, Oxford Garden suggest Cabot's Australian Timber Oil or any high-quality Teak Oil to be seasonally to preserve the color. The application of oil is cosmetic, however in extremely dry climates it reduces the effects of weathering. Test in an inconspicuous spot to approve the color before applying to the whole piece of furniture. Application of oil is at the customer's discretion and is not included in the warranty. Paint or any products with polyurethane are not recommended, as application of these products will void the warranty.


Oxford Garden provides a three-year limited structural warranty shorea products. For more information regarding the shorea warranty, visit


Shorea vs. Teak: A Comparison Guide

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