Unveiling new Travira line powder coat options

Published in Oxford Garden News on May 5st, 2020

Exciting new powder coats for the Travira Collection


You asked and we answered!! Oxford Garden is adding Carbon and Chalk powder coat color options to our popular Travira line of outdoor furniture. These dynamic colors are currently available through extended lead time, with Quick Ship options coming in July for our most popular products.

New colors

Designers who have historically gravitated toward our Eiland and Salino Carbon powder coat options will appreciate the versatility these new colors create within the Travira collection. Powerful Carbon transforms Travira pieces, creating sleek and modern masterpieces.   Cheerful Chalk’s bright white offers clean lines and adds elegance to your outdoor ambiance. Both Carbon and Chalk fit perfectly into any commercial outdoor design.  Additionally,   the addition of these colors to our most robust collection will enable you to seamlessly mix and match with existing Eiland, Koral, and Salino products.

The addition of Carbon and Chalk powder coats triples SKU availability in the Travira collection.  Customers’ color palette options are expanding with the same beauty, strength, durability, and rust-resistance they’ve come to expect from our classic Flint powder coat. 

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Ultimate durability

For a durable yet attractive finish, powder coating is ideal. Wind, rain, and UV radiation all attack outdoor furniture but the expectation is that these furnishings stand up to continual usage season after season without noticeable wear and tear. Powder coating is an essential tool we use to ensure our products provide long-term beauty while delivering the function you expect.

Preserving our planet

Powder coating is better for the environment. Unlike many paints, powder coats do not release hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere and produce less waste. Powder coating our furniture not only enables customers to enjoy years of luxurious outdoor use but also helps keep the air and sky clean.

Responding to you

From the beauty of our designs to the durability of our materials, Oxford Garden creates the perfect balance between form and function. We precisely engineer each piece to fulfill the rigorous demands of commercial use.

By employing technologies like powder coating, Oxford Garden offers high-quality commercial grade outdoor furniture at an affordable price. We respect our customers and are eager to meet your needs. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about our upcoming offerings.

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