Adding value by extending the indoors to the outdoors

Published in Outdoor Furniture Trends on February 2th, 2020

Outdoor spaces aren't usually included in the square footage of your home or business, but in our view, they should be. Outside living areas are flexible, comfortable and appealing. And when designed properly, they become an extension of your interior aesthetic, providing a seamless experience. Depending on what features you include, just because the furniture needs to withstand the elements doesn't mean it can't have an elegant, cohesive style. The kind of furniture needed depends on how closely you want to match your interior to your exterior.


Seamless flow

There will always be some sort of barrier between the inside and outside, whether it's a door, wall or glass. In order to create an open feel, try to reduce this barrier's presence to an afterthought. One of the easiest ways to do this is to utilize similar colors and patterns both inside and outside. Modern patio furniture comes in a wide range of styles, giving you tons of options for decoration and matching.


Modern style with outdoor durability

As the chill and bluster of winter gives way to warm, rejuvenating spring, now is the best time to give your patio a makeover. Here are some fantastic options:

  • The Salino Collection. This extremely durable collection features a clean, contemporary look and versatile materials. Go with the Nauticau series for a luxurious synthetic leather feel that can turn any outdoor seating area into an upscale lounge. Or, if you prefer a more traditional aesthetic, the Resin Wicker option provides both the eye-catching properties of wicker furniture and the strength to withstand poor weather conditions. 
  • The Koral Collection. The Koral Collection offers smart, sophisticated style, an angular design and high-quality construction. The modular nature of the collection means that you can mix and match the furniture into any configuration you want to create a custom look. It's perfect for poolside or any other outdoor area where you like to entertain. 
  • The Nette Collection. Where the Koral Collection has strong lines, the Nette Collection offers something for those who prefer sleek curves. This series is striking, with woven straps featuring a strong interior core, providing an unforgettable look and enhanced durability. For example, these chairs look terrific around a firepit or either of the collection's occasional tables.

Oxford Garden has been providing excellent outdoor furniture options for over two decades. We're experts at transforming outdoor spaces into welcoming spots that will enhance any property and always be in high demand. If you're looking to extend your square footage by creating an outdoor lounge or conversation area, visit our website to see all we have to offer. No matter your style, we know you'll find a durable, high-quality product you love.

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