Tekwood Commercial Outdoor Furniture Care

Tekwood Outdoor Furniture Description

Tekwood is a wood-alternative developed from polystyrene, an HDPE material with foam additives. Tekwood is available as an option for the Oxford Garden Travira Collection in either natural or vintage finish. Designed for the outdoors, Tekwood provides the look and feel of wood with minimal weathering or maintenance.

Tekwood Product Care

Tekwood products should be cleansed using a mild, non-abrasive cleanser and rinsed well. Over time, Tekwood's color may darken slightly if exposed to sun and other natural elements. This process cannot be reversed, but does not affect the structural integrity or aesthetic of the product. To prolong this process, Oxford Garden recommends bringing furniture indoors or covering when not in use or during non-seasonal months. Tekwood has the potential to stain. To help prevent staining, use a furniture polish or protectant that is labeled safe for plastic materials prior to use.

High Temperature Disclaimer

Magnified sunlight will burn Tekwood material leaving a burn mark. Some glassware and stemware are capable of creating a magnifying effect when in direct sunlight. To avoid this potential damage, select glassware and stemware that does not magnify sunlight. Cigarettes and open flames will also emit enough heat to create a burn mark on Tekwood material. To prevent this damage, do not subject Tekwood to cigarettes or open flame.


Oxford Garden provides a three-year limited structural warranty and a one-year limited material warranty for Tekwood products. For more information regarding the Tekwood warranty, visit www.oxfordgarden.com/warranty.


Tekwood Material Statement

Tekwood Cleaning & Care Document



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