Lite-Core Commercial Outdoor Table Tops Care

Lite-Core Outdoor Table Tops Description

Lite-Core is an engineered panel that combines the durability of natural granite stone and the light weight of aluminum. One of the hardest stones available, granite is a highly scratch and stain resistant solid surface that is backed with an aluminum honeycomb panel. This combination results in a beautiful surface that is durable and lightweight.

Lite-Core Product Care

Tabletops are maintained by using a soft rag and mild soap or pH balanced cleaner, rinse thoroughly, and dry with a clean rag. Avoid bleach and cleaners that are acidic, alkaline, or abrasive. To protect against stains, clean spills immediately and re-seal with a penetrating stone sealer twice a year. Scrape away gum or sticky material with a plastic putty knife. Care and cleaning instructions by Collection:

Travira Collection Care & Cleaning

Wexford Collection Care & Cleaning - coming soon


Oxford Garden provides a three-year limited structural warranty and a one-year limited material warranty for Lite-Core products. For more information regarding the Lite-Core warranty, visit


Lite-Core Material Statement




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