Why Invest in Outdoor Furniture

Published in Outdoor Furniture Tips on August 8th, 2016

The outdoor room has been a growing trend for several years. More and more people want to extend their life outside. Commercial properties, including hotels and resorts, restaurants, golf courses and even corporate headquarters are paying more attention to designing and enhancing outdoor spaces. With growing interest in all things al fresco, it’s important to consider the need to invest in quality, commercial grade outdoor furniture.  

Quality Over Cost

First, it’s crucial to focus on quality over cost when purchasing outdoor furniture for your home or commercial space. Laiza King wrote for The Huffington Post, “When it comes to purchasing outdoor furniture, durability is crucial given that people really don’t want to be burdened by frequent replacements.” Choosing outdoor furniture shouldn’t be based on which is the least or most expensive. Rather, one should look to which furniture sets combine the best balance of excellent construction and style.

Performance and Durability  

One of the best ways to ensure you’re investing in quality outdoor furniture is choosing materials that hold up and endure in the elements. High performance, durable materials, such as shorea, powder-coated aluminum and poly (Tekwood) have been proven to both resist weathering and serve as a sturdy foundation for commercial patio furniture. Investing in high performance fabrics like Sunbrella, along with well-constructed cushions, will lengthen the life and appearance of your outdoor cushions and pillows. Alan Wilson said to the Vancouver Sun, “A lot of people say ‘well, it’s not something I’m going to use that much’ but I try to tell our customers, because it’s outdoors it’s all the more reason why you want better quality. You want fabrics that aren’t going to fade in the sun, you want quick dry outdoor foam. If you use cheap foam it’s just going to soak up the water and it’s going to take days before you can sit on your chair again.”

Make Sure You’re Covered

At the end of the day, you want to be able to relax and enjoy your outdoor space worry free. It’s essential when choosing outdoor furniture to make sure the brand you purchase from stands behind the quality and durability of its product. Oxford Garden’s outdoor furniture warranty is both competitive and substantial in its coverage of our outdoor products. 

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