About Oxford Garden

Thoughtful Design MADE RIGHT

For more than 20 years Oxford Garden has created outdoor furniture with thoughtful design made right, and this philosophy permeates everything we do. Our products enhance commercial and residential spaces, creating outdoor living experiences that stand the test of time.

Beginning with our design process, each piece of furniture is tailored to achieve a balance of form and function. Our materials are selected for their beauty, as well as proven durability in outdoor conditions. Each piece is crafted with commercial-grade quality to deliver superior comfort and performance that will be enjoyed for years.

Our commitment to “making it right” continues through the service and support we provide through the purchase process. Our sales and support professionals provide responsive customer service that continues once our furniture is installed. We are committed to providing customer satisfaction and fostering long-term relationships.

Installed in hotels, resorts, restaurants, golf clubs, and other commercial applications, we have become an established partner in providing comfort and style for the outdoor room.

Our complete catalog is available in pdf format to browse and print.

Why Oxford Garden?

At Oxford Garden, we realize you have extensive choices when shopping for quality outdoor and patio furniture. The competitive marketplace motivates us to create the remarkable pieces of outdoor wood and mixed-material furniture found in our collections.

We begin by obtaining fine materials that will withstand the rigors of regular outdoor use. Next, our skilled craftsmen set to work creating superior outdoor furniture pieces based on our custom, timeless designs.

Below are a just a few of the features that distinguish our work from other outdoor furniture manufacturers:

Ample wood usage. We start with the best shorea and teak wood sources, but we don't stop there. We cut our slats and assembly pieces thicker and wider than our competitors. This generous use of shorea and teak results in a finished product with strength and durability. It also allows us to bring to life truly comfortable patio furniture pieces with ergonomic designs that are simply not offered by most manufacturers. And, let's face it: higher quality wood produces more beautiful results. Our outdoor wood furniture ages wonderfully, gradually fading to a pleasing silvery hue for a warm, inviting appeal.

Unrivaled craftsmanship. We take enormous pride in the meticulous construction of each of our products. Our patio furniture is intended for everyday, rough-and-tumble, outdoor use, and it's built to last. Our wood products employ cross-doweled mortise and tenon joinery to ensure longevity, so each piece will stand ready for use, season after season. Stainless steel hardware and solid wood dowels ensure secure unions, while structural wood supports provide stable reinforcement. Our aluminum and resin wicker collections are built to withstand both commercial and residential outdoor environments, including leg endcaps to prevent the marring and scratching of surfaces. At Oxford Garden, our quality craftsmanship is evident in every detail.

Unique designs. We believe finely crafted outdoor furniture should be both comfortable and attractive. With this in mind, we create ergonomic pieces that are designed to accommodate the contours of the human body. During the construction process, we're always looking for ways to bring out the lovely wood grain in our fine hardwoods, while our aluminum makes a bold statement and award-winning resin wicker collections exclaim elegance. In short, we strive to produce beautiful and distinctive pieces that enhance the essence of your outdoor setting.

Affordable luxury. At Oxford Garden we know the importance of high value, yet we also know that a luxurious design and quality cannot be sacrificed in providing a reasonable price. Many of our patio collections are crafted from shorea wood, which is heavier, denser, and harder than teak wood, and its higher abundance and availability make it significantly less expensive. Enduring and visually appealing, shorea is an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. Like teak, it possesses an interlocking wood grain and high oil content for excellent resistance to decay and infestation. This affordability does not stop with our shorea products. We also strive to provide patio furniture made with our other materials at a competitive and affordable price, offering our customers the perfect balance between value and luxurious outdoor living.

Superior Service. Oxford Garden prides itself on superior service. The friendly customer service department is prompt and thorough. Most products ship partially assembled for ease of shipment, assembly and storage. Orders can usually be shipped within 72 hours, ensuring that you will be enjoying your new outdoor furniture just in time for the new season or that long-awaited party.

When you take the time to compare, the superiority of Oxford Garden outdoor furniture is clear. We use only premium materials and our pieces are constructed for optimal strength and stability. Superb craftsmanship ensures longevity for years of enjoyable use, while our incomparable designs are centered on comfort and beauty.

Oxford Garden: Quality Assured

At Oxford Garden, we're not content with status quo. Instead, we continually examine and reexamine our products, designs and manufacturing processes to find opportunities for improvement. We strive to offer the finest patio furniture at affordable prices by focusing on the following cornerstones:

Product dry-fitting. Before we package and ship any product, it has been dry-fitted to ensure that it assembles seamlessly. You can rest assured you'll receive a genuine Oxford Garden piece with a precise fit and unrivaled stability.

Rigorous consumer safety measures. Many of our products undergo stringent consumer safety tests to ensure that they're completely safe and suitable for their intended uses. Because product safety is a primary concern, ongoing tests are conducted from the design stage through completion of the manufacturing process, providing our customers with peace of mind.

Multiple quality control checkpoints. Quality control gateways, or checkpoints, are nothing new in manufacturing, but at Oxford Garden we take it a step further. We have established a unique multiple quality control checkpoint program - in the event that a problem arises, we obtain the specific information required to pinpoint and fix it. We stand behind each handcrafted piece of outdoor furniture with rigorous quality control protocols.

We work tirelessly to ensure that each product is of a high enough caliber to bear the Oxford Garden name. After comprehensive testing of premium building materials, our multiple checkpoint quality control system provides several opportunities to detect and address any issues that may arise during the production process. Our products are dry-fitted, inspected and tested for safety before packaging for shipping. At Oxford Garden, we guarantee that top-notch quality is built into every piece of patio furniture we make.

Oxford Garden Is Green

Oxford Garden understands that a crucial aspect of quality outdoor furniture is having a beautiful environment in which to enjoy it. Therefore we do our best to maintain our local environment, as well as choose plentiful materials that will not negatively impact the environments from which our products are sourced. Below are a couple of the ways we maintain eco-friendly operations:

Chemical-free production. We are proud to note that a majority of our furnishings are created without the use of chemicals, with no harmful by-products released back into the environment. We do our best to keep things simple. Because we obtain our exquisite woods from superior sources, minimal processing is required to bring out the wood's stunning colors and grains.

Energy-efficient manufacturing. Our factories use recycled wood to fuel our production kilns. We understand that natural resources are both precious and expendable, so we take steps to conserve them during our manufacturing process. The wood used in Oxford Garden patio furniture is sustainable and has low environmental impact. The result of our efforts is a smaller carbon footprint and the inspiration of further conservation work, both inside and outside the company.

Keeping our space green. Our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle are matched with a generous program to reallocate products to local charitable organizations. In addition, energy conservation is important to us as we plan warehousing, distribution and office environment.

Because we specialize in crafting exceptional outdoor furniture, we depend on nature for our livelihoods. With the constant goal of nurturing and protecting our environment, we continually review our operations and introduce measures that will make our garden, and yours, a little greener.

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